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Haggys Expansion Mod

[v13a] Haggys Expansion Mod - By: _Haggy_

There are two files (5.3a and 5.3b). Both are required.

Haggys expansion mod includes all (!) Data as a great Mod.

--- Data Name in Download-Menu is "Haggys Comp.Mod" ---

The others are excerpts from this mod, if someone likes something a...

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[All] Towns++ - By: BlueSteelAUS

Towns++ v14e (for Towns v14e)

[NOT a MODLOADER mod. DO NOT INSTALL in .towns/mods!

Known problems awaiting patches to Towns (already spoken to Xavi about them)

Adding Terrain block: (in original called terraforming, renamed in towns++ to Terrai...

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[All] Mineshaft - By: kawknhoj

This expands the mineshaft's ability to be able to be built on gold and silver.

Modloader compatible....

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Cage Farms

[All] Cage Farms - By: JTE___

Minecraft spawn cages as an alternative to "farms". Supports all currently farmable animals as of Towns v13.
Found in the Buildings section of the right side menu. Builds using iron instead of wood, but only takes up one block of space and can be placed anywhere. (Incorrect biomes, undergr...

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ITE Caravan

[All] ITE Caravan - By: kawknhoj

This mod adds a caravan that buys and sells all of the ITEs.

Found on nitrocoder.

Modloader compatible....

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Heads Mod

[All] Heads Mod - By: kawknhoj

Allows monster heads to be burned or cooked.

Modloader compatible.

Found this on nitrocoder so decided to post it here....

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[All] Royalty - By: Lythium

Adds a King & Queen Hero to the game:
All artwork is the fine work and property of Haggy whom I share all thanks for this mod with.

Requires a Golden Nux statue and a wooden bed to spawn.

Requires a Silver Caeser statue and a wooden ...

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Towns Overhauled

[All] Towns Overhauled - By: JackPS9

Welcome to the new world!
The real question is what doesn't this mod change/touch?

Change the way you play
Double your ore!
Bring Technology to your world
Heroes with FOUR skills

Version 1.0.0 is only the b...

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Silent Chomper

[All] Silent Chomper - By: LittleMikey

Got a large town?
Lots of Townies to feed?
Sick and tired of the repetitive eating sound?

Well worry no more, because this mod gets rid of it!


Download link removed while I try and fix a bug with loading a save game......

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Cash crops mod

[v13a] Cash crops mod - By: Caprontos

--For now this mod does not work with v14+ I'll update it eventually.. When I am feeling better.--

This mod uses several sprites from Harvest moon games and thus they belong to Natsume and all that stuff..

The purpose of the mod is not to add new crops for eating but...

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